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2006-Mar-21, 04:41 AM
SUMMARY: Space travel has its dangers. One of the biggest risks will come from the various types of radiation that flood space. Scientists are learning how life on Earth has evolved different kinds of tricks to resist radiation. Some animals and plants have evolved protective covering or pigmentation, but some forms of bacteria can actually repair damage to its DNA from radiation. Future space travelers might take advantage of these techniques to minimize the harm they get from long exposure.

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2006-Mar-21, 01:13 PM
This is an interesting story. I can't really imagine it having useful results as far as protecting humans in deep space, or in Earthly high radiation zones for a very long time, but it does hold some promise for the 22nd century.

2006-Mar-22, 07:28 AM
Good radiation protection is given by polyethylene and other polymers, because they contain hydrogen atoms, which are the same as the solar wind particles and of course Galactic Cosmic Rays. They (Raj Kaulīs team, www.nasa.gov/vision/space/travelinginspace/radiation_shielding.html) use fiber-reinforced polyethylene, which gives also protection from micrometeoroids.

2006-Mar-23, 07:57 PM
Fortunately orangish red suns are not near has harmful as white or bluish-white ones.