View Full Version : Wow, anyone seen this before?

2006-Mar-21, 06:39 PM
Checking Heavens-Above, tonight where I live (Tampa Bay, FL) there are 2 iridium flares at pretty much the same spot in the sky 8 seconds apart. They are different satelites too. One is a -2 and the other is a -8.

21 Mar 20:02:18 -2 50 141 (SE ) 21.6 km (W) -8 Iridium 38
21 Mar 20:02:26 -8 49 139 (SE ) 1.8 km (W) -8 Iridium 18

Should be interesting, I havent seen anything like this before.

2006-Mar-21, 07:07 PM
There was one memorable night where I live when there was an iridium flare and a pass of the ISS, both visible within just a few minutes of each other.

2006-Mar-22, 12:33 AM
talk about bad luck, we havent had rain here in almost a month, but TONIGHT there are heavy clouds out -_-

Fr. Wayne
2006-Mar-22, 03:26 AM
Neat. At 8 seconds apart, and that close together, it is an excellent candidate for coolest astrophoto to whoever is awake at the switch.

Kevin J. Ashley
2006-Mar-26, 10:50 PM
No, the coolest, if I had my camera at that moment, was when I saw the Shuttle and the ISS separate as two bright spots in the evening sky, clearly visible with the naked eye.

Fr. Wayne
2006-Mar-27, 10:53 PM
That would be cool but visible from most of half the country. Only in a small radius would RealTalk's event be possible (if caught at near max. magnitude) and to me even more precious. To each his own.