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2006-Mar-22, 05:01 AM
SUMMARY: Those lucky enough to live in parts of Africa, Turkey and Central Asia will experience a total eclipse of the Sun on Wednesday, March 29, 2006. Even larger areas of the Earth will get to see the Sun dim in a partial solar eclipse, from Brazil to China. If you're lucky enough to be watching from the thin path of totality, the Sun will be completely obscured by the Moon, making the corona visible like a fiery ring.

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2006-Mar-23, 12:07 AM
It is a readily observable fact that the totally eclipsed sun distinctly resembles a gigantic "Eye in the Sky" looking down from the heavens. The black "occulting disk" of the moon forms the pupil of this cosmic eye while the rays and streamers of the sun's corona radiating outwards all around this lunar "hole in the sky" closely mimic the muscle structure of the iris. . . Some modern eclipse observers, perhaps most notably astronomer Jack Zirker, cannot help but call this total solar eclipse "Eye in the Sky" the "Eye of God."

I first noticed this "Eye of God" myself in Serge Koutchmy's excellent photo of the 1991 total solar eclipse that was published in the May 1992 issue of National Geographic magazine. Not long afterwards I noticed a distinct bird-like pattern in the sun's corona in the same photograph and immediately intuitively understood that this coronal "Sun Bird" was the inspiration for the mythical Phoenix bird. My subsequent extensive research into how total solar eclipses profoundly influenced ancient humanity's religious beliefs and practices indicates that diverse ancient cultures were quite aware of this total solar eclipse "Eye of God" and "Phoenix" as well as other profound cosmic religious symbolism that is very clearly manifested during total solar eclipses and that they responded to this cosmic religious symbolism in various ways in their religious beliefs and practices.

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The ancient Egyptian "Eye of Horus" religious symbol is probably the most famous of all ancient Egyptian religious symbols that can be shown to have been inspired by the total solar eclipse "Eye of God" but other ancient "Eye of God" religious symbols, particularly “radiating sun” aka “radiant divine eye” petroglyphs, may be found all over the world. The winged sun symbol of ancient Egypt, the solar falcon god Horus, the mythical Phoenix bird, and a whole flock of other mythical birds of the sun were almost certainly inspired by the remarkable bird-like pattern that is manifested within the sun's corona during some total solar eclipses. Even the scarab god Khepri can be shown to most probably have been inspired by total solar eclipse phenomena. The burial of the solar dung ball in the hole in the ground that results in the later birth of the beetle larvae corresponds with the sun entering the "hole in the sky" formed during totality and the subsequent rebirth of the sun following its total eclipse.

It is my hope that the profound cosmic religious symbolism that will be manifested during the upcoming total solar eclipse, especially the "Eye of God" symbolism could help to bring in a new era of justice, peace and spiritual and religious renewal in our troubled world. I ask my fellow human beings to respond positively to the total solar eclipse “Eye of God” symbolism by observing World Day of Conscience on March 29th, 2006 when the total solar eclipse “Eye of God” symbolically "looks down from the heavens" upon our beautiful but troubled planet. The total solar eclipse symbolic "Eye of God" will appear in Earth's skies as a "sign in the heavens" above the east coast of South America (Brazil), Central and North Africa (Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Chad, Libya and Egypt), EurAsia and Asia (Turkey, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia).

I am proposing that human beings in all parts of the World might respond to the spectacular cosmic symbolism of this total solar eclipse "Eye of God" by observing World Day of Conscience on Wednesday March 29, 2006 and on all future dates when the total solar eclipse symbolic "Eye of God" appears in the skies above our planet Earth. World Day of Conscience aspires to promote the healthy and beneficial exercising of human conscience from the personal and intimate through to what has been called "global conscience" by some enlightened human beings. World Day of Conscience should be observed in a manner that calls attention to and seeks redress for any and all forms of injustices and abuses that occur in the world. Special attention should be given to those matters of conscience in the domain of human rights, civil liberties, and social justice, as well as the need to address warfare and serious environmental and ecological concerns.

World Day of Conscience may be observed in many diverse ways. It is up to those individual people and groups, religious or otherwise, who choose to observe World Day of Conscience to decide what are the most appropriate ways for them to observe this day devoted to promoting individual conscience and collective "global conscience". Religious and spiritual observances of World Day of Conscience are certainly encouraged however non-religious ways of observing World Day of Conscience are also entirely appropriate.

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2006-Mar-27, 11:48 AM
I live in Lebanon & want to know if I can see it & what time I can
we are +3 GMT