View Full Version : HD,SAO or HIP number of supernova candidate star Rho cas

2006-Mar-22, 10:56 PM
Does anyone knows the HD,SAO or the HIP number of the supernova candidate star Rho Cas? I have read here that it is a star that will soon gone supernova in the future or the (near) future. What kind of star is it? Can somebody answer my questions? Thank you.

2006-Mar-23, 12:04 AM
I will make a little correction: Rho cas must be Rho Cass.

2006-Mar-23, 12:38 AM
Does anyone knows the HD,SAO or the HIP number of the supernova candidate star Rho Cas?
As usual, Google (http://www.google.com) knows.

Rho Cassiopeiae (http://www.solstation.com/x-objects/rho-cas.htm)

Useful catalogue numbers and designations for this star include: Rho Cas, 7 Cas, HR 9045, HIP 117863, HD 224014, BD+56 3111, SAO 35879, FK5 899, and SV* HV 194.

2006-Mar-23, 04:02 AM
I read that it is a yellow hypergiant star ,an G type ,but celestia says an A star but that means a white star ,why is that?

2006-Mar-23, 05:42 AM
Here's a better site:


I personally prefer the ADS and arxiv.org sites, but you can still learn oodles from SIMBAD.

2006-Mar-23, 08:07 AM
I like Jim Kaler's page about this star.
On that page the class is given as 'a class G (G2, some say F8) "hypergiant"'.
So there is some doubt about its colour/class; not surprising, as it is changing very rapidly and recently was classified as a red M class.

Might go any time; but it is far enough away to be no danger to us, as far as I know.

2006-Mar-23, 12:47 PM
Might go any time

The fact that it is out gassing a sizable fraction of the mass of the Sun every year makes me wonder if it is currently on its way to becoming a WR star, as opposed to being "about to blow" s a supernova.

2006-Mar-23, 10:16 PM
Why is Rho Cass constantly changing in color? Maybe a praparation to go soon a enormous supernovaexplosion? I think it is one of the most extreme powerfull unstable and biggest star we known. it must be an awesome explosion when that goes supernova. I hope in my lifetime.