View Full Version : Posibility of turning back to earth a voyager or pioneer spacecraft

2006-Mar-25, 11:13 PM
What do we want with the Voyager and pioneer spacecrafts that has leaved the solarsystem ,is it possible to get them back to earth? If yes ,how can we turn them back to us? And if we get them back in earths orbit how can we pick them up to go down with them to the earth? I think that we can store them in a museum. Or we do nothing with them and the Voyager and pioneers are getting further and further away from us ,and are going finnaly to the nearest stars and are going further through the milky way. And nobody knows their fate. What do you think? Will we and (can) we get this spacecrafts back to earth. Or we do nothing and they are getting further and further on their way in the universe. Thanks.

2006-Mar-25, 11:25 PM
We can't ask them to turn around. They are out of fuel, coasting away from the Sun at several miles per second. You could imagine perhaps that some time in the distant future we will have the kind of propulsion required to overtake them, slow down and match their speed, and catch them. This would be a fairly expensive thing to do. What would be the benefit? ... to take one of the first man-made things that was going to leave the solar system and prevent it from happening? I think it makes a better time capsule where it is. BTW there is a pretty wide area of uncertainty as to where the objects actually are. It might require searching an area of a trillion cubic miles.

2006-Mar-26, 12:40 AM
I think the folks at JPL have a pretty clear notion of where their probes are, else there wouldn't be this issue of the mysterious Pioneer deceleration.

But I agree that they belong where they are, out in deep space as humankind's first emissaries to the stars. People have talked up the concept of someday retrieving them and returning them to a museum, but I think that would be wrong.

2006-Mar-26, 01:47 AM
Yes they are made for traveling in space ,and their job is done(analysing and photograph the major planets of our solarsystem) ,but if somebody wants to get them back to earth ,then i can only say (HOW) I think that you need to know exactly their positions. It is more than just a walk to your neightbour.

2006-Mar-26, 04:27 AM
Those who are going to have themselves frozen and reanimated in the future can check eBay for them when they awaken.