View Full Version : maybe the debris didn't come from the ET

John Kierein
2003-Mar-13, 12:14 PM

but from the solid?

NYT makes you register.

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2003-Mar-14, 03:51 AM
Yahoo has it posted here. (http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&cid=68&ncid=68&e=5&u=/nyt/20030313/ts_nyt/shuttle_team_sought_satellite_assessment_of_liftof f_damage)

Shuttle Team Sought Satellite Assessment of Liftoff Damage
Thu Mar 13, 9:03 AM

By EDWARD WONG The New York Times

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...The senior official also said some NASA engineers were now questioning whether the debris actually came from the large external fuel tank. The engineers are scrutinizing the solid rocket boosters to see whether the debris could have originated there, he said.

While the shuttle was in orbit, five Boeing engineers concluded in a report to NASA that the debris impact had not caused serious damage based on the assumption, now perhaps faulty, that the debris was a chunk of foam insulation from the external tank.