View Full Version : NASA considering LRO "stowaways"

2006-Mar-27, 06:21 PM
NASA Considers Stowaway Finalists for LRO Launch (http://www.space.com/spacenews/businessmonday_060327.html)

With extra room available on the rocket that will launch the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in late 2008, NASA is evaluating four proposals for low-cost spacecraft small enough to be stowaways on the mission.

2006-Mar-27, 06:23 PM
ah the so called piggyback missions :)

2006-Mar-30, 07:37 PM
Something only possible due to the larger size of the Delta and Atlas LVs--thanks to General Moorman--and no thanks to scientists who use them but don't help advocate for them. And people say there aren't enough science missions.

They'll help you eat the cake but won't help you bake it. They might actually have to chip in.