View Full Version : Space missions - technical data & total expenses

2006-Mar-27, 09:14 PM

does anybody know any webpage containing information on some basic technical data of various space missions in the past and information about the planned missions and their estimated budgets for the future? I would be grateful for a webpage concerning all main missions in one (some form of chart/summary).

For example, I'm able to learn info about any particular missions (i.e. Voyager) using google but this a bit ineffective way how to retrieve info ...

Anyway, thanks for help

2006-Mar-27, 10:04 PM
This isnt exactly what you asked for, but it is a consise way to get some of the information you are looking for.


Kaptain K
2006-Mar-28, 06:05 AM
Google...ineffective? :lol: How quickly we've become spoiled! :sad: