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2006-Mar-28, 08:54 PM
Hello everybody,

I recall a story about two telepaths (a kind of) who are sent on a planet populated by a human-like civilisation having a development level similar to our middle age (although they're much older than the humanity). Their purpose is to find out why a human (the director of the Earth's scientific mission or something like that) had decided to become part in a kind of religious ceremony which involves a life form living in the caves nearby the biggest city on that planet.
So...I recall the story but not the author nor the title. :think:
Could someone enlighten me on this issue?

(I didn't knew if this question belongs to this topic or to the Q&A section of the forum, so I've post it here. Maybe a moderator could take the appropriate action if needed)

2006-Mar-29, 03:46 PM
I actually have this at home in a collection of some years best SF, unfortunately the book is packed up in my garage while I finish some renovations inside. If this helps, the population forms a cult around a red gel like parasite which devours the body's and incorporates their mind into a group mind. I also remember something about the 'ringers of the bells' that have made the choice to 'move on' and join with the parasite.

Tried Googling but to much other stuff kept coming up.

Nowhere Man
2006-Mar-29, 05:14 PM
"A Song for Lya" by George RR Martin, IIRC.


2006-Mar-29, 09:13 PM
"A Song for Lya" by George RR Martin, IIRC.

That's the one! Thanks! :)

2006-Mar-31, 10:44 PM
If your a fan of the author that story is collected in a short story, uh, collection named after that same story.

Sandkings is his best. Fast Friend was good too.

mike alexander
2006-Apr-01, 12:01 AM
And if your taste runs that way George Railroad also wrote Fevre Dream, a very good and atmospheric book about Missisippi riverboats and vampires.

Roy Batty
2006-Apr-01, 03:05 PM
Not to be confused with Fever Dream by Ray Bradbury of course :)