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2003-Mar-14, 01:39 PM
If private investors are going to insist on owning Lunar terrain, they might as well do it right.

Lunar monopoly

Go = New Moon

Old Kent Road = Alphonsus
Income tax = Transient Lunar Phenomenon
Whitechapel Lane = Censorinus
King's Cross Station = Baikonur Cosmodrome
Angel Islington = Mare Tranquilitatis
Euston Road = Mare Crisium
Penteville Road = Fra Mauro

Jail = Mobile Quarantine Facilty

Pall Mall = Mare Nubium
Electric Co. = Deep Space Network
Northumberland Avenue = Oceanus Procellarum
The other pink one = Mare Frigoris
Marylebone Station = Vandenberg
Marlborough Street = Sinus Medii
Bow Street = Descartes
Vine Street = Mare Serenitatis

Free parking = Full Moon

The Strand = Kepler
Fleet Street = Mare Fecunditatis
Trafalgar Square = Mare Imbrium
Fenchurch Street Station = Kagoshima
Coventry Street = Hadley Rille
Leicester Square = Shroeter's Valley
Water Works = NERVA
Piccadilly Circus = Taurus Littrow

Go to Jail = Go to MQF

Oxford Street = Copernicus
Regent Street = Rupes Recta
Bond Street = Tycho
Liverpool Street Station = Complex 39
Park Lane = Aitkin Basin
Super Tax = Lunar eclipse
Mayfair = Tsiokovky

Pound = Tonne of UDMH
Players: Lunar Prospector, Lunar Module, Lunakhod, Surveyor, Lunar Orbiter, Ranger, Luna

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2003-Mar-14, 01:59 PM
I think we need a US-UK UK-US monopoly translation for those properties /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_razz.gif

2003-Mar-14, 01:59 PM
Hey, I wonder if we could get somebody to actually make that? They've got Disney Monopoly and X-Men Monopoly and Canada Monopoly... why not Moon Monopoly?

2003-Mar-14, 02:02 PM
The other pink one = Mare Frigoris

Well, I'm pretty sure I know which that one is. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif But I'm afraid all I could provide would be the Canadian version.

2003-Mar-14, 02:13 PM
How about a conspiracy one?

glass castles on the moon
19.5 degrees of just about anywhere
etc, etc...

"Go directly to the Loony Bin, do not past Hoagland's website, Do not collect 200 dollars that fold into the WTC"

2003-Mar-14, 02:15 PM
Just thought of something, Glom...

Instead of calling it Lunar Monopoly, howabout Moonopoly? /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_razz.gif

2003-Mar-14, 04:50 PM
Rift, your point is well taken.

Irony, just to add to your list, I have Star Trek: The Next Generation monopoly and I Love Lucy monopoly. Also, on the wartime sitcom Allo, Allo, set in occupied France, Gestapo agent Herr Flick and his girlfriend, Helga, were playing Nazi monopoly. He was the Gestapo Staff Car, while she was the high-heeled jack boot. Flick picked up a card saying, "Go directly to Hitler's bunker, do not pass go, do not collect 200 marks."

2003-Mar-14, 06:50 PM
What would we use as houses and hotels? Clavius moon base as a hotel? Lunar Excursion Modules as houses?

2003-Mar-14, 07:37 PM
Oh yeah. I forgot about those.

MOLAB for houses. Skylab surface base for hotels.

2003-Mar-14, 08:39 PM
Oh, and you left out my favorite, albeit hard to see, lunar feature; Mare Orientale