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2006-Mar-31, 04:38 AM
SUMMARY: Like many comets when they get close to the Sun, the Earth has a tail. But instead of a shower of icy particles, it's the Earth's magnetic field that gets pushed into a long trail directed away from the Sun. Five spacecraft from ESA - the 4 Cluster spacecraft and DoubleStar - recently observed how this magnetotail can experience strange turbulence through its interaction with the Sun's solar wind and coronal mass ejections. How and why this phenomenon happens is still a mystery.

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2006-Apr-01, 02:10 AM
Was it a storm in space or the current problems with the earths magnetic field destabilizing? We are do for a polarity reversal, but I am really glad we got the field either way. Would not want to be like mars without one.

2006-Apr-03, 03:54 PM
Will the the polarity switch be instantaneous? Is there anything about the current polarity of the field and the interection with the cosmic rays and corona whatchamoghege have anything to do with the nature of the turbulances? If so, what will change with the switch and what if any effect will there be on the surface?

2006-Apr-03, 10:03 PM

The magnetic field of our planet switches its polarity regularly from time to time. Hundreds of these processes have ocurred in the past. There are no indications that this switchings ever caused any severe problems.
Our planet has a rather thick atmosphere, which provides for a good protection against the solar wind, its field and against cosmic radiation.

Scientific investigations carried out by physicists revealed that, if the magnetic field of our planet fades away, there will be an interaction of the fast, thin solar wind with the high atmosphere of our planet. This interaction results in the creation of a magnetic field which is strong enough to do a job like the magnetic field we have today.
There is no reason for any fear when the magnetic field of our planet switches its polarity.



2006-Apr-04, 07:15 AM

The magnetic field of our planet switches its polarity regularly from time to time.

Does this mean that the dynamo currents in Earth's interior somehow start turning the other way?:question:

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