View Full Version : Internet out

2006-Apr-03, 03:30 AM
I moved two weeks ago(to my mums) and I have no internet at my house(I'm at school now).

I can't get the cable internet working on my mums computer, my cd/dvd/ rom drive has died, so I can't do it on my laptop, I wanted to network them and share the connection but that doesn't work...

I'm dying :boohoo::cry:

teri tait
2006-Apr-03, 05:03 AM
Poor Mickal, I feel your pain.
The same thing happened to me about a year ago when I moved. Eventually, I had to get a tech on the phone who walked me through the whole mess. Do you have tech support you can call?

paulie jay
2006-Apr-03, 11:33 AM
Don't worry mate - the internet will still be there when you finally get it all connected :)