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2003-Mar-16, 01:32 AM
Can someone please tell me if there will be a 'special' astronomical event occuring in September, 2003? Anything will be appreciated. Thank you.

JS Princeton
2003-Mar-16, 01:49 AM
Well, Galileo spacecraft is set to end its mission that month.


Kaptain K
2003-Mar-16, 02:03 AM
Autumnal equinox - Sept. 20th.

Mars will be just past opposition (Aug. 28th) and will still be very bright.

Your question is very broad. It would help to know just what kind of event you have in mind.

2003-Mar-16, 05:25 AM
Mars will still be big and bright having recently passed opposition. That should get some press coverage.


2003-Mar-16, 11:07 AM
On the morning of the 24th, Saturn will be high in the sky, Jupiter much lower--but zero mag. Mercury will be 7 degrees below it, the crescent moon a bit above Mercury and to the side, and Regulus 6 degrees above Jupiter. That should be a nice lineup.

2003-Mar-16, 01:25 PM
If you like meteors there're a few minor showers in September -

The Beta Cassiopeids (max Sep 1-6, radiant 00h05m, +63), the Epsilon Perseids (max Sep 3-7, radiant 04h10m, +37), the Delta Aurigids (max Sep 8, radiant 04h00h, Dec +47) and the Piscids (max Sep 8-9, radiant 00h36m, +07 ; max Sep 21, radiant 00h24m, +00).

2003-Mar-16, 01:30 PM
Oh, this is the JPL Calendar site for September - quite detailed!


2003-Mar-16, 08:04 PM
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2003-Mar-16, 09:12 PM
Beware g99, that sounds strangely familiar..

Two astronomers (a BB'er and a Steady-Stater) are up at the observatory - the Steady Stater is polishing up the lens on the eyepiece when - puff! a genie pops out. "I will grant you three wishes" "But...whatever you get, your colleague gets double" OK he says...I want a new BMW. Poof! a new BMW appears in his garage. Poof! Poof! - two appear in the BB'ers driveway. OK - I'd like a 50 reflector telescope - Poof! Said 'scope appears in his attic POOF! POOF! A 100 reflector appears in the BB'ers yard. "What is your third wish?" asks the genie... I'd like you to go over there, pick up that two inch refractor and beat me half to death with it!


2003-Mar-16, 09:18 PM
/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_lol.gif hahaha Atko. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif