View Full Version : Comets for 2006

2006-Apr-06, 01:48 AM
Are we up for any good comets this year?

2006-Apr-06, 05:06 PM
Nothing comparable to Hale-Bopp or Hyakutake, alas.

Kaptain K
2006-Apr-07, 11:18 AM
Of course, we weren't "up for any good comets" when Hale-Bopp and Hyakutake showed up unexpectedly!

2006-Apr-07, 02:57 PM
There was plenty of lead time on Hale-Bopp (discovered July 1995, closest approach March 1997). Hyakutake was a bit more of a surprise (January 1996, March 1996).

Kaptain K
2006-Apr-07, 06:05 PM
There were a couple of "surprise" comets last year. Not Hale-Bopp or Hyakutake class, but nicely visible!