View Full Version : How Prometheus Pulls on Saturn's F Ring

2006-Apr-06, 03:54 AM
SUMMARY: One of the most amazing images sent back by the Cassini spacecraft shows one of Saturn's shepherd moons, Prometheus, tugging a stream of particles away from the F ring. Scientists from Queen Mary, University of London have developed a model that explains the forces at work in this dramatic interaction. It was originally believed that Prometheus steals ring particles, but it now appears that it just borrows them as it comes past, and they drift back into the ring system after the moon sweeps by.

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2006-Apr-06, 12:45 PM
Ring Dynamics makes for some cool images. I don't think I fully understand the overall physics in a way that would let me predict how another ring will behave in the presence of a shephard moon. e.g. Why the there a dark diagonal line going through the ring pointing at the moon? Would something similar appear for a moon on the outside of the ring?