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2006-Apr-11, 01:19 AM
SUMMARY: Greetings, fellow SkyWatchers! This week will be filled with meteor showers and moon shine - bright nebula and galaxies. The "Ring King" Saturn is now at its best, so get out under the stars, because...

Here's what's up!

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2006-Apr-11, 03:49 PM
Hello ; just a line to tell you I love this articles, and others like it.
I have a lot of beginners I would love to print this out for,so thye could follow along.
But I dont see a printer freindly version, and if I try printing it out in its entirety, it winds up being in landscape mode, and burns a lot of paper, and I wind up wit hall the adds.
Is there a way to print out the pertinent data with doing all the rest of it???

2006-Apr-11, 07:03 PM

You can down load the whole viewing schedule for the year in pdf.

2006-Apr-12, 03:35 AM
Tinaa , thanks, I actually have thta saved on my desk top for referance, but I need something thta is small enough not to cost a fortune to print out.
For instance 409 pages just isnt cost effective for me to pay to have printed, especially to give away to my freinds, the weekly version is convenient, and easy to use.

2006-Apr-12, 04:58 AM
Saturday April 15th: While thinking of Jupiter, why not search for the planet's ghost? The "Ghost of Jupiter" sits after skydark in the constellation Hydra. Start at Alpha Hydrae and head east about a fist's width to find Lambda within a field of nearby fainter stars. Continue less than a fist southeast and locate Mu. You'll find the "Ghost of Jupiter" (NGC 3242) lurking in the dark less than a finger-width due south. At magnitude 9, the NGC 3242 gives a strikingly blue-green appearance in even small scopes - despite being more than 1500 light years away.

Last year around this time I looked at the "Ghost of Jupiter" through the 18" Newtonian at the observatory. It was definitely a greenish blob, and one I'd like to see again (I didn't see blue). Nice little object I don't hear much about.