View Full Version : Golfball Back in the News

2006-Apr-12, 08:10 AM
Back in the news again:

CNN: "NASA weighs publicity stunt"


"Being a golfer, I'm interested in it, too…" Kirk Shireman, NASA - space station deputy program manager

How about Element 21 Golf taking the money to be spent on this, and oh, I don't know, simply donating it to the Russian Space Agency in the name of science education? I realize they don’t think that way. Such ignoramuses.

2006-Apr-12, 10:41 AM
even if the shot never happens, the company is now getting it's money's worth in free advertising. i don't remember ever seeing the name of the company before- and now CNN is talking about it and saying their name.

2006-Apr-12, 11:05 AM
Great, one more piece of space junk to fly into.
So the golf ball, iron, and special court (or whatever its called) are taken up into space, the astronaut has trained, and now they are going to decide if it will happen? This is either very stupid planning or a lie, I think.