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2006-Apr-12, 04:39 PM
SUMMARY: After 5 months of flight, ESA's Venus Express has arrived at our cloud-enshrouded evil twin planet on Tuesday. The spacecraft fired its main engine for 50 minutes, slowing its velocity enough to be captured by Venus' gravity. It will continue to adjust its orbit over the next 4 weeks until it reaches its final mapping orbit; a highly elongated 24-hour orbit. Venus Express has a suite of 7 science instruments which will scan both the atmosphere and the planet's surface, improving current data about Venus.

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2006-Apr-13, 06:10 PM
The article does not mention the fact that the PFS instrument would not deploy as planned during several attempts between December 2005 and now; and unless they can persuade it to open up while in orbit, there will not be any data from this instruments. Otherwise, this has been a flawless mission!