View Full Version : Vega not so standard

2006-Apr-12, 08:09 PM
'Standard' star not so standard after all (http://www.newscientistspace.com/article/dn8991-standard-star-not-so-standard-after-all.html)

Vega, the second brightest star in the northern sky, is much more complex than once thought, new observations confirm. It rotates far faster and in a different orientation, for example. The findings are important because the star is widely used by astronomers as a calibration target when assessing other stars.

The work suggests many previous measurements of celestial objects may need to be tweaked, although it is unlikely to turn any fundamental concepts upside-down. "Vega has always been the star against which all other stars are compared," says Deane Peterson, an astronomer at Stony Brook University in New York, US. "This work will send a ripple through the whole system, but it's not going to break anything."