View Full Version : Mars Rovers Head for New Sites After Studying Layers

2006-Apr-14, 05:03 AM
SUMMARY: NASA engineers have moved the Spirit Mars rover to a safe North-facing slope to ride out the Martian winter. Since the rover is in the Southern hemisphere, it gets much less sunlight during the Winter. This maneuver was made more difficult because its right-front wheel has stopped working - the robot is dragging it along like an anchor. Spirit requires a good angle towards the sun to catch energy frrom the Sun onto its solar panels. It needs to store enough electricity to run the overnight heaters that protect its electronics.

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2006-Apr-14, 12:17 PM
Go Opportunity! It seems to have just crossed a low ridge, and is starting a long downhill trek toward the ejecta blanket of Victoria Crater. Lots to see and learn.