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2003-Mar-18, 10:48 PM
Since I usually post about all the bad stuff I find on the web I was suprised to run across an excellent article about the moon


After reading the article and not finding ANY errors (if you find any please post them)I found this foot note at the bottom:

"A note about this article: The complex dynamics of tides are frequently explained incorrectly. This article owes to several conversations with astronomers over the years and many scientific papers and books. In particular, one book proved invaluable: “Bad Astronomy” (Wiley & Sons, 2002). Its author, Philip Plait, delves more accurately into the science of this, while explaining it in a sensible and simple manner, than any other writer I’m aware of. — Robert Roy Britt"

Now that is high praise of Phil indeed!


I just discovered that this was also posted under the General Astronomy section as well


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2003-Mar-19, 01:28 AM
After reading the article and not finding ANY errors (if you find any please post them)

From article:
"Think, for a second, of a spacecraft orbiting Earth. Its astronauts experience zero gravity. That’s not because there’s no gravity up there. It’s because the ship and its occupants are constantly falling toward Earth while also moving sideways around the planet. This sets up a perpetual freefall, or zero-g."

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