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2006-Apr-20, 02:39 AM
I bought the book some time ago - about the time I saw you on P&T's [marginally disguised title of Penn & Teller's show (we all know which one) deleted per forum rules] and joined up here - and was *very* pleased to find a proper description of the tides and all the effects - including why we always see the same face of the moon, etc.

I had a pretty good grasp before, meaning I understood it and could picture all it in my head easily (I always scored very well on the tests where you manipulate and unfold/refold 3d objects in space) - but to explain it? Forget it. I always started babbling incoherently looking like I really had no clue.

Finally I can properly explain, and look smarter in the process ;-)

The rest of the book is great too ... it should be standard reading for everyone.

The Bad Astronomer
2006-Apr-23, 10:50 PM