View Full Version : Storms Never End on Saturn

2006-Apr-20, 10:35 PM
SUMMARY: On Earth we have hurricane season, and a welcome break in between. On Saturn, it's always hurricane season. Hurricanes here on Earth are caused by warm ocean temperatures heated by the Sun that feed energy and water up into the storm clouds. On Saturn, the energy comes from the internal heat of the planet, which is still slowly shrinking after its formation billions of years ago.

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2006-Apr-21, 08:16 PM
The never-ending hurricane season!
The ringed planet is stormier than I thought.
I assume gas giants in general are like this, then.

2006-Apr-21, 08:29 PM
I assume gas giants in general are like this, then.
I would think that Saturn and Uranus would be the stormiest. Saturn because the moving Ring shadow should be pretty upsetting to the atmosphere, and Uranus because the extreme seasons should make a huge mess of things.