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2006-Apr-20, 10:47 PM
SUMMARY: Since gamma ray bursts release a torrent of radiation visible across the Universe, it goes without saying that we wouldn't one to blow up near us. Well, don't worry. According to researchers at Ohio State University, our Milky Way is the just wrong type of galaxy for potential bursts - they almost always happen within small, misshapen galaxies that lack heavy chemical elements. That's good news, since a burst within 3,000 light years of the Earth would give us a lethal dose of radiation.

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Don Alexander
2006-Apr-21, 12:29 PM
Check out what Adrian Melott has to say about Stanek's paper:


2006-Apr-21, 12:58 PM
Thanks Don Alexander. The article did seem to be saying more than could be said. The rebuttle you pointed us to says that the article is just wrong.

On the plus side, the infrequency of mass extinctions with no known other cause suggests that these things are pretty unlikely to be aimed at us when they do happen.

2006-Apr-21, 02:49 PM
Hmm, interesting. But it makes sense, given the stars needed for a GRB.

But still, Hollywood might capitalize on a sci-fi disaster film like Armegeddon that features a GRB threatening Earth.
At least now we know it's nothing to loose sleep over.