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2006-Apr-20, 11:03 PM
SUMMARY: In the nearby Large Magellanic Cloud lurks a wonderful, creepy looking nebula: Tarantula nebula (aka 30 Doradus or NGC 2070). Although this nebula looks like a ghostly spider, it's really the largest emission nebula in the sky, and home to hundreds of extremely massive stars. Some truly massive stars, well above 50 times the mass of the Sun, have already exploded as supernova, seeding the nebula with heavy elements.

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2006-Apr-21, 12:53 PM
This is a pretty amazing place. I understand that star-forming galaxies have many places as active as the Tarantula. This is something that our next generation of instruments will tell us a lot more about. Between JWST, SKA, and the new 30-meter telescopes, there should be plenty to see.