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2006-Apr-22, 01:34 PM
The Boundary of Universe is unknown to us still.
But as the numbers counts both positive and negative, similarly the Universe's limit is counting itself. Let me show you the number line---

<-- -2 --- -1 --- 0 --- 1 --- 2 --->

Lets take 1 as the positive side of the Universe and -1 the Anti-universe.

Between 1 and 2, we get 0.1, 0.1111, 0.1999999, and so on.

Like this the universe counts UNLIMITED. Or if we find out the real limit of the numbers , it is possible to count the limit of the earth.

By --- Avishek Chakraborty....but my parents call me "Piko":)

2006-Apr-22, 02:11 PM
Hi Piko,

You seem to be discussing some idea related to multiple universes.
I am curious to know what you think "the Anti-universe" is. Would you please describe/explain how it is different from the universe as we know it?

2006-Apr-24, 10:24 PM
Maybe Piko means that the Universe is divided into a matter part and an antimatter part, divided by a boundary? In that case, it's an idea not backed by observations. The universe appears to consist quasi-exclusively of matter, with only small traces of antimatter

2006-Apr-27, 10:25 AM
0(zero) is not the barrier but the transition between universe and its anti-universe. The boundary of the universe is the last positive number and the boundary of the anti-universe is the last negative number.

Now where from the 0 came? That is the question. If you say 0 is the Big Bang----where from the Big bang came from?

But remember: "You can create nothing from nothing." One of my uncle says so. But in mind it tickles that "what if it happened--something got created from that nothing". As we come to multiple universe---universe is just a part of that number line I said at my 1st post.
The universe got innumerably continuing itself and still continuing...

The Multiple Universe is in that logic---between 3.999 to 4.555 we also get 4.1111111 and 4.478387635763 So the universe expanding at every position but the MATTERS it contains, ie, the planets, the solar systems & all others, are just moving at its own position and some MATTERS are created from the others.
The universe, if taken as a vacuum medium, may have some other undiscovered existence...Try to think at this point of logic