View Full Version : Thursday's H-alpha Sun, 2006/4/13

Dave Mitsky
2006-Apr-24, 05:43 AM
I had to shoot through some high clouds but I did manage to capture some worthwhile images of the Sun on Thursday morning. Here are two afocal photos that I took with my 40mm f/10 Coronado PST, 30mm Celestron Ultima, Canon EOS Digital Rebel DSLR camera, and 18-55mm Canon EF-S zoom lens.

An airliner transited the Sun's disk a couple of minutes before I got my camera ready.

Dave Mitsky

2006-Apr-28, 03:36 PM
Wow thesse are are really cool! :D :clap: - I'd like to try at the sun... I tried onece in white light with a super zoom lens 600mm, but that was when there were no sunspots so it was rather plain...