View Full Version : Long dismissed mass detecor reincarnated from 70s

2002-Jan-12, 06:42 AM
Recent observations of the human eye have revield possibly 'visible' examples of human sensory evolution.

A visual phenominum which has previously been named ( scientificly ) as "floaties", where a person sees little dots and waves against a light backgound, may actualy be
'developing' human sensory organ.

The explanation provided by the pre classificationof this phenominum , explains that "floaties 'are pieces of artery which have ' "disloged after birth" ' and continue to float around in the eye's fluid' as a person lives.

Howerver, the recent observations suggest that if floaties are arteries, then they are probably still functioning.

When studied closely there appears visualy to be a basic unit which all floaties consist of. This unit is a visible spherical entity of very similar size and colouration. Herenafter this unit is refered to as 'sphere'.

Spheres are seen to be joined together, ususally in groups where no pattern exists in their two dimensional placing, and in chains where each sphere has two adjacents sphere touching it's circumference. These chains often exhibet a sinusoidal 2D images.

Further analasys reveals that if these are images of human organic matter, then they are most probably joined on a horozontal axis to the inside of the eye wall.

Also, some findings suggest that the chains of spheres are excited by an unknown stimuli to form quite astoundingly perfect representations of fundamental sinusoids.

More to come.