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2006-Apr-27, 12:43 PM
I don't know where to put these; I want a sticky folder that refers to the BA's articles in magazines, or wherever. Since he regularly writes for Night Sky, others and I might comment again. Anyway, I received my June 2006 Sky & Telescope magazine yesterday, and just read Phil's article while watching ImageShack die on me.

Lol, it's a good article, people should go buy it. (C'mon, spend $6.99 already!) There are actually a couple of other good articles, and a big, fat photo of the Sun on pg. 27...what's to complain about?

The "Envisioning the End of the World" artwork by Chesley Bonestell is pretty cool, too, especially after reading Phil's article. "NASA Science in Freefall" is another article...and I need to go to a Star Party in the Florida Keys! :razz:

2006-Apr-30, 08:43 PM
I was just fixin to post a new thread elsewhere on this topic entitled "Astronomer gets tossed out of Hollywood office - the BA" :)

Great article! :clap: Nicely written and the three death scenarios are doable in Hollywood. I wonder where they could find a scientific advisor. ;)

2007-Apr-11, 09:48 PM
How about Dan Quayle as science advisor?* He's got the free time, and he used to be in charge of the Mars program, don'cha know.

*Or as he'd spell it, Sience advisore.