View Full Version : Do you belive in the moon hoax 3

Num chucks pete
2006-Apr-30, 09:34 AM
sigh i retry
vote in the pool and speak you mind:dance:

Num chucks pete
2006-Apr-30, 09:38 AM
i hate bart sibril

The skeptic
2006-Apr-30, 09:40 AM
You've got it now, Pete...Of course we went to the moon...

PS: is 'underwater' voting popular in Oz?:eek:

Num chucks pete
2006-Apr-30, 09:42 AM
poll he he he ha ha ha

2006-Apr-30, 12:12 PM
pete, I'll once more point out that politiness is key here. I know you're 11 but that's no excuse for acting 5. Being polite doesn't mean just not attacking other posters, but also people outside of the board. Saying things like you hate someone and want to kill them is -NOT- acceptable behaviour on this board, and though they might give some leeway for your age, the Moderators are unlikely to allow such carry on for long. I for one would like to see you stay and learn, this board is a great educational tool for both the young and the old, but such things really depend on your behaviour. Think about being on the board a little like being in class. I doubt your teacher would allow you to swear or express hatred in class, so please refrain from it here.

As to the Hoax, it is, to put it blantently, ignorant nonsense.

2006-May-01, 05:00 PM
Oh, thanks for bungling that, pete. I voted no because your thread title asked if I believed in the conspiracy. Then the actual poll question is, "did we go to the Moon"...:doh:

My fault of course , but could you try to formulate your question succinctly please?

2006-May-01, 05:08 PM
Moon Hoax 3!?!?

Did they make another lousy sequel?

2006-May-01, 05:53 PM
Moon Hoax 3!?!?

Did they make another lousy sequel?

No, I think that was "Bride of Moon Hoax".

2006-May-01, 07:16 PM
Voted "Yes" to "Did we go to the moon" poll question, but the thread title does not match the question.

Of course,we went to the moon and come back, and went, and come back, and went and almost made it, and come back, and went back, and come back, etc.

2006-May-02, 12:18 AM
On the back page of a recent Scientific American there is a Lockeed/Martin / NASA ad that has a buch of kids standing around a footprint on the Moon. The footprint picture is, I believe, the one that Buzz took during Apollo 11. I'd scan it and post it, but I would expect it is under copyright, so I'll stay away from that.

The whole point of this story is that I would expect someone now to make the claim that we have "proof" that the landings were fake since now they are showing the footprints to schookids!

Well, I thought it would be amusing, anyway.:)