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2006-May-14, 01:59 PM
As some of you may have heard on the news (particularly if you are from Britain), the media reported last week on a summary of a report from the British Ministry of Defence ("the MOD") entitled "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Air Defence Region" ("the Condign Report"), which had been obtained from the Ministry of Defence following various requests by Dr Clarke and Gary Anthony under the Freedom Of Information Act ("FOIA"). See: http://www.uk-ufo.org/

The full report will be on the MOD website from Monday 15 May 2006, but is not generally available at the moment.

I was kindly provided with a copy by Joe McGonagle a couple of days ago and thought this Forum might be interested in some of its contents.

In particular, I think you might be interested in Working Paper 6 ("Exotic Technologies") in Volume 2 of the Condign Report.

I would welcome comments in particular on the wording of Paragraph 3, set out below. This is the complete text of the relevant paragraph. The preceding, and subsequent, paragraphs relate to different topics.

"Intergalactic travel requires [approximately] four million years for a return trip (travelling at just less than the speed of light), or three years, even to a nearby planet at 20Km [per sec] - a planet on which we can determine no signs of life in the form which would indicate 'beings' and their technology".

Feel free to share this paragraph around to get some comments from astronomers. I'll avoid giving my thoughts on flaws apparent in this para until others have commented.

Kind Regards,

Isaac Koi