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2006-May-15, 12:18 AM
I don't know if any of you are watching The Simpsons right now, but if you aren't, it's on Creationism, and it seems to be mostly ridiculing Creationism while supporting Evolution (which is a bit out of character for Fox, but I'll take what I can get). It'll be interesting to see how the episode turns out, but I have to say, I don't have high hopes.

2006-May-15, 12:43 AM
I saw the episode. It had a lot of good bits.

peter eldergill
2006-May-15, 12:47 AM
Very funny, but I didn't get the reference of Nelson being in disguise as milhouse and flanders....

I really liked the "unbiased" film about creeationism. Darwin making out with Satam was hilarious



2006-May-15, 12:50 AM
Very funny, but I didn't get the reference of Nelson being in disguise as milhouse and flanders....

I think the bit with Nelson in disguise was a token product-placement for MI-III.

The Scientist with the degree in truthology was also pretty funny, perhaps a throw to Stephen Colbert.

Lord Jubjub
2006-May-15, 02:38 AM
Both are references to Mission Impossible, but it is likely not a product-placement. Paramount is MI's producer, Fox produces The Simpsons. In fact, the double disguise in the Milhouse scene was quite head-turning--if not complete senseless (on par with recent Simpson plotting).

Definitely feel that the truthology reference was a nod to 'truthiness' that Colbert came up with. The writers of the Simpsons have always shown a rather more libertarian streak than the corporate offices do.

2006-May-15, 03:31 AM
Heh. Given where Matt Groening went to school, "libertarian" is not the term I'd use.

2006-May-15, 05:29 AM
What season of the Simpsons is this? Just trying to work out how many years I'll have to wait to see it in Aus.

2006-May-17, 10:44 AM
i think it's season 17 now.
pretty good for a cartoon that stopped being regularly funny at about season 8 or so.

2006-May-19, 10:39 PM
Just to let you know, if you missed the episode or want to watch it again, i have it on my blog to view for free! : www.mrannas.blogspot.com

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