View Full Version : Looking for an Astronomy club in central Massachusetts?

2006-May-15, 03:29 AM
Find Aldrich Astronomical Society at http://www.AldrichAstro.org

Aldrich Astronomical Society is a central Massachusetts-based organization of amateur astronomers who have united to promote their mutual interest in observational astronomy ("stargazing") and telescope making. Members meet on a regular basis to conduct Sky Viewing sessions (weather permitting) and informal lectures or discussions of current events and topics in astronomy, space science, telescopes, and telescope making.

Aldrich Astronomical Society is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Founded in 1932, the Society was named in honor of the late Professor Fred Aldrich of Worcester Academy, who was a long time promoter and lecturer of astronomy in the Worcester area. Members sponsor public lectures and outdoor viewing events at a variety of locations across central Massachusetts using club resources like telescopes and binoculars. We also routinely manage a number of Solar System Ambassador Programs throughout the year which seek to bring knowledge of astronomy and space science into the classroom and public venues like libraries, outdoor fairs and scout campouts. We also travel to special events and pristine observing sites, like the Conjunction in Northfield, Massachusetts, Stellafane in Springfield, Vermont and Arunah Hill in Cummington, Massachusetts.

The Society meets, regularly, on the second and fourth Saturday of each month (calendar) in the Science Building at Anna Maria College.