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2006-May-17, 10:24 PM
1) A large green ball of light was seen in many parts of Queensland, Australia, at about 6:30pm AEST, 15th May.

2) A police spokeswoman said the suspected meteor was seen travelling east to west in the region from Bribie Island, across the Sunshine and Gold Coasts as far inland as Warwick.

3)The unidentified green object may have landed on a property between Toowoomba and Warwick near the Great Dividing Range. Farmer Don Vernon lives on the property next to where he says the object hit the ground...

"It was a brilliant light before it landed. A bit like a green sun. I rang a neighbour and asked if he had found superman." - Don Vernon.

Read more (http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200605/s1640158.htm) (1)
Read more (http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,20867,19161692-30417,00.html) (2)
Read more (http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=101650) (3)

However it seems that it was part of a satellite.
A Proton booster launched a classified satellite Cosmos-2392 into a highly elliptical orbit from Site 81 in Baikonur Cosmodrome, on July 25th 2002.
The payload belonged to the Araks (Arkon) family of spacecraft developed by NPO Lavochkin, designed for military and civilian observations of the Earth surface.

Expand (http://static.flickr.com/52/148358624_120e67484c_o.gif) (118kb, 600 x 360)
2002-037BJ #28763 SL-12 debris was predicted to re-enter the earths atmosphere on May 15.

TLE Data:

1 28763U 02037BJ 06137.19393285 .03896406 81284-5 19680-2 0 4608
2 28763 063.2897 027.7563 0034040 127.9652 232.4586 16.18686786 48454
1 28763U 02037BJ 06136.88484722 .03313966 80902-5 19347-2 0 4599
2 28763 063.2838 028.9988 0038405 131.0207 229.4367 16.16439233 48403
1 28763U 02037BJ 06136.20356612 .02581347 80317-5 19125-2 0 4583
2 28763 063.2829 031.6832 0043838 131.8521 228.6384 16.12749107 48292
1 28763U 02037BJ 06135.89339586 .02334913 80098-5 18843-2 0 4574
2 28763 063.2760 032.9005 0047269 132.0198 228.5020 16.11223876 48247
1 28763U 02037BJ 06135.14771708 .01927423 79558-5 18695-2 0 4553
2 28763 063.2860 035.8218 0052167 130.2375 229.3052 16.08110299 48127

2006-May-19, 02:37 PM
Yeah- I missed it :cry: but at the time we (SEQAS- south east queensland astronomical society) were having a meeting, and we got a call from some radio station, to explain what it was...

(there were people going on about it landing in the river and all sorts)

So that was cool :D.

2006-May-19, 05:21 PM
There is still uncertainty about the green meteor, i my mind.

The east to west direction doesn't tie in with the re-entry direction.

The rough re-entry timing and size & metallic composition of the debris maybe just a coincidence.

2006-May-19, 08:40 PM
It wasn't that long ago that you had a pretty stout impactor there, Tunguska style.

2006-May-19, 09:23 PM

You mean the one in 1443 (http://www.bautforum.com/showthread.php?t=37501&highlight=Mahuika) ?

2006-May-19, 10:12 PM
1997 Iirc.

2006-May-21, 06:20 AM
I saw it and was frankly a bit freaked out. It was a spectacular thing to watch.

2006-May-22, 06:06 PM
So it was travelling east to west?

2006-May-23, 11:05 AM


"A trail of green light seen by a number of Tenterfield residents on Tuesday evening was most likely a meteorite according to astronomy experts."

Read more (http://tenterfield.yourguide.com.au/detail.asp?class=news&subclass=general&story_id=481978&category=general&m=5&y=2006)

2006-May-28, 03:15 PM
The best way to see meteorites in Australia is to spend a week driving to Alice Springs and back. I've done it once, and on that trip I saw tens of meteors pretty much every night - any colour you can think of, red, green, blue, white, orange - there are plenty of shooting stars when you're camping in the desert in the middle of nowhere.

Its just so desolate out there, as a city dweller it really is an amazing experience to get away from it all - and all the ambient light.