View Full Version : Lovable grump Doctor's - who's your fav?

2006-May-19, 04:49 PM
Doctor Leonard 'Bones' McCoy?

Doctor (Battlestar Gallactica) Cottle?

My vote goes to Cottle....

2006-May-19, 04:58 PM



2006-May-19, 06:23 PM
I love House! He is quite grumpy.

2006-May-19, 10:07 PM
What about Colonel Sherman T. Potter? (C.O. of M.A.S.H. #4077)

Although she's not terribly grumpy, I've becomeing rather fond of Dr. Temperance Brennen (http://www.fox.com/bones/). Of course, she's a Ph.D., not an M.D.

2006-May-20, 12:42 AM
Col. Potter, yes. Or Dr. Macy on Crossing Jordan (yes, he's an MD), which is essentially the same character he played on Twin Peaks, also a great character.

Dragon Star
2006-May-20, 12:57 AM
Dr. House, he is so frigging smart! (something bad happens to him next week I think)

Van Rijn
2006-May-20, 01:01 AM
Doctor Leonard 'Bones' McCoy?

Doctor (Battlestar Gallactica) Cottle?

My vote goes to Cottle....

Has to be McCoy. However, I do like the House character. (Boy, that guy's malpractice rates would be larger than the US's GDP!)

2006-May-20, 02:38 AM
Silvester McCoy -

Roy Batty
2006-May-20, 03:06 PM
Tom Baker, Dr Who :D

2006-May-25, 04:02 AM
I have to say House too. ;)

2006-May-25, 07:48 AM
Gunsmoke's Doc Adams (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunsmoke)
...The radio series Doc was acerbic, somewhat mercenary, and at times, came close to being alcoholic. The television Doc, though crusty, was in many ways softer and warmer...

captain swoop
2006-May-25, 09:15 AM
Dr Statham in green Wing

2006-May-25, 10:39 AM
Am I the only person who can't really get into House? Also, am I the only person who watches Crossing Jordan?

Dave Mitsky
2006-May-25, 06:02 PM
Dr. John Becker beats all of the aforementioned for grumpiness, IMO.


Dave Mitsky

Roy Batty
2006-May-25, 07:29 PM
Ok, i'm playing properly now, Quincy gets a vote from me.
He was well grumpy, but his patients never seemed to mind... :D

2006-May-25, 07:29 PM
Definitely Dr. Col. Sherman T. Potter.

Voyager's Doctor is a distant second.

2006-May-25, 07:55 PM
I second sarongsong's choice - Dr. Galen "Doc" Adams on Gunsmoke. I think a lot of the grumpy doctors that came later took valuable tips from his performances. I can imagine him saying, "Dammit, Matt, I'm a doctor, not a blacksmith!

2006-May-25, 10:51 PM
The grumpiest loveable Doctor had to be Hartnell; Colin Baker was grumpier but he was not exactly loveable.
Hartnell did a fairly good impression of old Doc Adams in Gunsmoke too-
here he is...
http://img471.imageshack.us/img471/9316/hartnell0717id.th.jpg (http://img471.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hartnell0717id.jpg)

2006-May-26, 06:03 PM
Anyone that says: "I'm a Dr. not a bricklayer", or "I'm a Dr. not an engineer" gets my vote...Dr. McCoy.

2006-May-27, 12:03 PM
Doc Gamble