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2006-May-22, 03:57 PM
SUMMARY: NASA's Opportunity rover captured this photograph of the surface of Mars during its trek from Erebus Crater to Victoria Crater. The image shows exposed bedrock between large windblown sand ripples. Opportunity took the photo on April 27, 2006 during its 802nd Martian day of exploration.

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2006-May-22, 06:59 PM
The text calls it cobbles, but it's hard to see in the picture (I followed the links to the NASA site and looked at a higher res image and it is still dark and hard to see much detail).

Looks kind of like the formation way back in Eagle crater, or at least the top of it. So maybe it is pretty much under a shallow amount of sand, all over most of Meridani.

2006-May-23, 04:18 PM
Opportunity has encountered bedrock between dunes for the last several hundred days. This picture shows what appears to be dark boulders lying on an exposed bedrock surface.