View Full Version : Titan in the Late Solar System

2003-Mar-28, 08:11 PM
What will Titan be like when the Sun swells into a giant red star?
Will it be warm enough for Earth-like conditions to exist, or even Earth-like life? 8)

2003-Mar-28, 08:27 PM
That's what was said on The Complete Cosmos. However, there is also a problem that the solar winds may become more ferocious in the red giant phase and that may put a damper on things. Saturn's strong magnetic field may shield Titan, but I think it was Solar Empire on Discovery Sci-Trek that showed a sequence where these winds blew Saturn's atmosphere off, but I'm not sure what stage tht was.

But if Titan does become habitable, I wonder how a primitive civilisation would evolve having a big Gas Giant in the sky all the time. Do you think they would generate geocentrism? Since Titan would be moving through Saturn's magnetic field, could they use electromagnetic induction as a power source? Could the big environmental problem in their civilisation not be global warming because of the use of fossil fuels, but degradation of the orbit of Titan due to Lenz's Law?