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2006-May-25, 04:38 AM
SUMMARY: ESA satellites have been keeping track of global forest fires for more than 10 years, and now this data is available online through ESA's ATSR World Fire Atlas. More than 50 million hectares (123 million acres) of forests burn every year, and these fires make a signficant contribution to global pollution. By monitoring these fires, researchers can improve computer models to predict which regions are at greatest risk based on weather patterns.

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Big Brother Dunk
2006-May-27, 03:13 AM
Interesting how most of the fires are along the equator and south.

2006-May-27, 04:27 PM
I am concerned that there are so many "forest fires" shown in oceans and seas. While the overall impression is still of great interest, the validity of the specific details is put at risk.

Or is it just my eyes?