View Full Version : The right feedback

2006-May-28, 04:40 PM
I have seen lot of feedback giving styles of the many people in different ways, some of them use only one line feedback, some of them use only few words about praising of the site,

I have not seen yet the precise feedback. Infact feedback or guestbook writing work people are doing on the very least side, they are not opening their mind fully, may be the time is the limit, but here the space is unlimited to express out, hence what is the problem for giving a thorough feedback, even they can give the feedback about any members too, how they find that member, their writing style, their writing work etc, so that a complete feedback procedure can be seen. May I expect now to get a "excelent feedback on the site" (many received quoting "the best site", but is it beyond that?). So express your feed back again by refreshing your all feedback giving ideas.

Even there is lot of scope to view the best enjoying photographs here can be added by the new members coming on the board.