View Full Version : B5, Serenity, Galactica, Farscape are what Trek should have been ?

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2006-May-30, 10:48 AM
I was just looking at some tv shows like DS9 and some other Trek shows like Enterprise deep space nine et cetera and I'm surprised at how Deep Space nine seems to have aged badly like an old wine gone bad and turning to vinegar.

It's not that Star Trek had bad writers or poor actors, they had great people but I think the show has been going in the wrong direction since Roddenberry died, the original series was great and there were some cool movies and the next generation was a very good show

But Joe Michael Straczynski space stations and spin-off movies beat DS-9 hands down, although both shows borrowed from each other the Babylon-5 universe was the orginal and was simply the better

Voyager was another of those shows that never lived up to what it could be, in Voyager the Borg appeared too often and the ships never ran out of phasers or supplies,
the Aussie Farscape was often and better show with more alien creatures and weird stories while the new Galactica was more real. At first I didn't like the new Galactica at first for a number of reasons but after seeing the pilot film I enjoyed it and the series was great showing what it is too be lost and fleeing from an enemy in cold space with limited supply lines.

Finally I think much of Joss Whedon Firefly/Serenity universe is what Enterprise should have been

2006-May-31, 12:59 AM
My guess is that the franchise just tried to milk what they could. DS9 turned out to be a very good series, Voyager never seemed to click, and Enterprise went the wrong direction too early to recover.

JMS was smart enough to give his audience an intelligent and very unique show. He gave the viewers credit for wanting more then just a theme of the day to be solved in 40 minutes.

2006-May-31, 06:16 PM
And JMS proved that people could remember what happened from show-to-show which paved the way for things like Battlestar Galactica.

What I also like is Joss Whedon's contribution to the Tele-Novel. Specifically, the way each season provided a resolution, with plot threads linking the seasons together. Buffy and Angel led to shows like 24. Plus, it seams to be considerably less stressful on the producers (I got the definate feeling from interviews that JMS was at the end of his rope at the end of B5).

Donnie B.
2006-May-31, 06:18 PM
A lot of Firefly/Serenity fans, and non-fan movie critics, have said that it's what Star Wars Episodes I - III should have been. Not literally, of course, but in terms of its sharp scripting and character focus rather than gee-whiz special effects and overblown melodrama.

I know that a lot of people love SW and react badly to any criticism. I'll just say that Firefly/Serenity are much more to my taste than the second trilogy.

Ara Pacis
2006-Jun-06, 04:48 PM
I think the problem with Star Trek was the commoditization of the new series. The episodes became interchangeable. The original series at least explored human emotions and situations and was avante guard for it's time. TNG did ok for a while because it still caught a bit of the zeitgeist of the late 80's fear of communism and concern about the future. However, later ST shows tried to be both like TNG and have grand arcs like Babylon 5 and just couldn't pull it off.

Star Wars, on the other hand, was always meant to be a grand space-opera and a fantastic fairy-tale. The problem with Episodes I-III is that the audience changed in the intervening 20 years. Besides growing up, people got used to, then sick of, the ST solution-a-day and became enamoured of the grand gritty story arcs of Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1, and Farscape. Even movies like Independence Day and Men in Black changed expectations in drama and comedy in space movies. Of course, there are critical reasons to disfavor Episodes I-III in their own right, but a lot of it was due to evolving expectations. I accept SW for what it is and watch and enjoy it approppriately but Star Trek Enterprise I find unwatchable.

2006-Jun-06, 05:49 PM
B5, Serenity, Galactica, Farscape are what Trek should have been

because they had spirit, vision and humour.... something that both Star Trek and Star Wars lost along the way.

I also like Lexx for its quirkiness, a very underrated quality of good sc-fi.