View Full Version : John Murray OOrt cloud Brown Dwarf idea

2003-Mar-31, 01:00 AM
Had a brief email with Phil regarding this John Murray idea, circa 1999. Haven't found anything on it since. Anyone who knows the (professional) opinion on this idea please post.

I debated putting this in Planet X, but i felt that might be adding fuel to fire and would not likely get serious responses...

I'm not a subscriber to Sitchin, Planet X theory, nor am I a scientist. However I do have intellectual integrity and as a scientfically minded person I cannot dismiss any idea out of hand... real scientists test ideas rigorously first, then decide, not the other way round. It does appear Murray may have rushed to conclusions but I wish to know how the testing of this idea goes.



2003-Mar-31, 02:08 AM
Here is a link (http://www.ucs.louisiana.edu/~jjm9638/MS7292.pdf) to a paper (in PDF format) on the subject by Whitmire, Whitman, and Matese. They checked more comet orbits than Murray but proposed a similar explanation for their findings:

"Approximately 25% of the 82 new class I Oort cloud comets have an anomolous distribution of orbital elements which can best be understood if there exists a bound perturber in the outer Oort cloud."

As I understand it, the WWM perturber does not match the Murray perturber, though they would be at similiar distances from the Sun and have similar masses. The statistical significance of both sets of findings has been questioned by some researchers, I believe. But I dunno much else about the current state of the matter.