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2006-Jun-05, 05:18 PM
Astronomers from the University of Georgia have discovered an absence of hot gas in the spiral galaxy NGC 1068. The galaxy is younger than the Milky Way and could thus offer insights into the formation of our own galaxy.

"In many ways, NGC 1068 is a window on our past. What we've found is that the process of heating gas in this galaxy is more complex that we had expected" - Robin Shelton, leader of the research.

The researchers used the FUSE satellite to plot out the emission of ionised oxygen-6 (O VI) and see how much hot gas was in the disk of NGC1068.

The research was presented this week at the 208th Annual Meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Read more (http://hal.physast.uga.edu/~rls/NGC1068/index.html)