View Full Version : Extent of the solar system

2006-Jun-05, 06:20 PM
:think: I've been trying to find information on the solar magnetic field, but can't find some general answers. I thought I would post some questions here...

1. How far does the sun's magnetosphere extend (to be sure I am using the right word: I mean the sun's magnetic field)?
2. Is the galactic wind created by the combination of all the other stars in the galaxy or the concentration of stars in the center?
3. Does the galactic wind affect the sun's magnetosphere the same way the solar wind affects the earth's magnetosphere?

And on a similar topic:

1. The heliopause is supposed to be the edge of the solar system. Can someone point me to an article describing a stellar system and its "components" - I am interested in what happens at the edges...
2. Does the Oort cloud surround the sun like a sphere, or is it more like a taurus in line with the plane of the ecliptic?

Thanks in advance