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2006-Jun-07, 10:47 PM
Just thought some of us might be interested....According to Whitley, they are making a Hollywood big deal movie out of his new book; "Grays". Apparently he is bent on making the template for the next age, or something similar. I read his journal entry, and I noticed that he is finally opening up to "explaining" he experiences. However nothing he has experienced, in my opinion, are anything that one could not experience on their own....(I was a devotee of the same esoteric teaching that he was, and so far he has not given any evidence of anything extra ordinary....)

If anyone wants to, you can go to his web site and read his latest journal entry, for a long description of various subjective psychological states and such...I am waiting for some objective data on this whole thing, so far the only "real" thing that I can see is that he timed the book and the esueing explanation to coincide with the movie...

IF I am being too harsh, please let me know...

2006-Jun-08, 04:12 AM
So far I haven't read anything by Strieber that isn't toecurlingly awful. I have very low hopes for the movie.

Remember E before I except when not, names are often not.

2006-Jun-08, 03:31 PM
Henrik: Sorry about the 'buchstabieren" of his German Name....