View Full Version : Ebert on Conspiracies

Donnie B.
2006-Jun-07, 10:47 PM
This is one of those cross-topic items that could have gone into at least two different BAUT forums.

In his review of The DaVinci Code, Roger Ebert makes the following observation:

I know there are people who believe Brown's fantasies about the Holy Grail, the descendants of Jesus, the Knights Templar, Opus Dei and the true story of Mary Magdalene. This has the advantage of distracting them from the theory that the Pentagon was not hit by an airplane.
I'm not sure if anybody has ever done a better job of spearing two conspiracies on one spike!

2006-Jun-08, 10:50 AM
Hehehe, very well said, Mr. Ebert, although I'd quibble about your use of the word "theory", although I understand you mean it in the colloquial sense.

Theories are explanations that are very well supported by the evidence. Well supported being the key concept here.

Conjecture (fantasy, or delusion) would be a better word to describe unwarranted belief in Brown's fiction and/or the 9/11 not-an-aircraft conspiracy.