View Full Version : Tau Scorpii's Magnetic Fields Blaze X-Rays

2006-Jun-08, 04:15 AM
SUMMARY: Our Sun can send out its share of solar flares and coronal mass ejections, but compared to other stars, it's relatively calm. One example is tau Scorpii, 5-6 times larger than the Sun and visible with the unaided eye. Astronomers have discovered that it has a complex network of magnetic field lines which channel its solar winds into thin arcs. The high points of these arcs blaze brightly in the x-ray spectrum.

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2006-Jun-09, 03:16 PM
Is the incredible magnetic field slowing the rotation, or is the incredible magnetic field the result of a slower rotational velocity?

2006-Jun-11, 10:17 PM
Edit: There's an error in the story. 30,000 km/sec is not one percent the speed of light, it's ten percent the speed of light. 300,000,000 m/sec or 300,000 km/sec is c. Hence 30,000 km/sec is c/10....it also happens to be the maximum velocity for type 2 supernovae ejecta clouds (Fillipenko, Alexei, Ap. J..re: SN1987a). Pete.:shifty:

2006-Jun-14, 04:38 AM
WOW!!! and still no mention of the incredible electrical forces involved :(