View Full Version : Cosmic ray detector launches

2006-Jun-15, 04:52 PM
Antimatter and dark matter are new probe's prey (http://www.newscientistspace.com/article/dn9337-antimatter-and-dark-matter-are-new-probes-prey.html)

A cosmic ray detector that will attempt to unlock the secrets of both antimatter and dark matter launched on Thursday. Called PAMELA, the experiment is set to spend at least three years in orbit providing far longer coverage than the few days of data collected by previous space-based detectors.

2006-Jun-15, 05:05 PM
I saw this article. I didn't seem to have all the facts right, but the basics are there. PAMELA has been launched, and it will be able to detect certain energy ranges of certain type of cosmic rays, including some that have never been really explored much.

The point about the anti-Helium was a good one. We can make and almost capture anti-Hydrogen now. Just trying to think about how much our technology will have to improve to artificially create anti-Helium makes my head hurt. If we find any, that will tell us something we don't expect.