View Full Version : Construction Begins on Cosmic Ray Observatory

2006-Jun-19, 06:04 PM
Construction has begun on a cosmic ray observatory in the Utah desert that should be 10 times more sensitive than previous instruments. The observatory should be ready for tests by early 2007, and start full operations by summer 2007. The "Telescope Array" is made up of 564 table-shaped detectors, which will measure showers of subatomic particles that fall to Earth when cosmic rays interact with our atmosphere. It will help scientists uncover the source of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays.

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2006-Jun-19, 06:29 PM
we hope it will allow us to finally resolve the mystery of the origin of these ultrahigh-energy particles [cosmic rays] that are bombarding the Earth

Good luck. I know that some progress is being made in finding a general direction of some of the UHECRs. I think that we'll make the most progress on this front when we have detectors capable of seeing the cone from significantly lower energy (and much more plentiful) Cosmic Rays. This detector will help, but it won't be "finally".