View Full Version : Enceladus Passes Before Titan

2006-Jun-22, 04:45 AM
This natural colour photograph from Cassini shows Saturn's moon Enceladus passing in front of Titan. With this colour view, it's easy to see how different these two moons are. Titan has its golden, smoggy atmosphere, while Enceladus is mostly gray, darkened ice. Cassini took this image on February 5, 2006 when it was 4.1 million kilometers (2.5 million miles) from Enceladus.

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2006-Jun-23, 01:31 PM
Titan's atmosphere is actually cleaner than the Earth's, but it is much thicker and deeper, so it appears to be more polluted. Also, we can see the surface of Titan in visible light bands, but it is very blurry. The true color of Titan tends to be slightly redder than than the atmosphere.