View Full Version : Four Planets Shine in the Evening

2006-Jun-23, 06:00 AM
Linger outside after dark and you'll be in for a treat next week. Four of our solar system's bright planets will be arranged in the western skies at the end of June. Jupiter, the brightest "star" in the sky is the easiest to see, but Mercury, Mars and Saturn are there too. The waxing crescent Moon will pass right through the region over several days, pointing the way to these other planets. The best nights to see the planets are on June 27th and 28th, about 45 minutes after sunset.

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2006-Jun-23, 07:49 AM
I think a few days ago, around the 17th would have been the perfect time. Mars and Saturn were less than a degree apart, and Mercury was at its brightest.

2006-Jun-24, 03:44 PM
Dark, what dark?